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So what do all think. I saw this in a movie. Was this based on that movie? Leave comments below.

Hi there people of Tumblr.



I posted a new YouTube video about Orange is the New Black (NO SPOILERS) at JiaTV. Mask is an Origin charcoal mask and isn’t for everybody. Research it bc before simply applying it as though it’s for everybody. It dries my skin out a bit but I also don’t use it often. Hair is via @fauxfro and is called Faux-rocious. No idea when the site will be open and running. Yes it can be straightened (did a piece myself), but I’m using it as the site intends it’s wearer to. It sheds a little but all curly hair does. It’s a part of life like chin hairs and bad breath. Happy Friday/Saturday! ❤️

Ion get it? The first season episode., what happened to her with the girl in the end after she found that tampon in her morning breakfast sandwich? What was she to get or noticed about her that being done to her breakfast sandwich?

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